Why use Sophrology ?

Difficulty can sometimes interrupt the peaceful flow of our lives (painful event, overwork, accident, illness…), or perhaps we need help in preparing for a goal with confidence (exam, competition, surgical operation…). Whatever are the reasons, Sophrology aims to restore or improve the necessary balance between our body, mind and emotions. Practicing Sophrology can be very effective in recovering energy and surpassing obstacles or doubts.

Sophrology is recommended in many fields :

Preparation in order to achieve a goal : 

Gros plan sur la chaussure d'un sportif
  • Exams,
  • Driving test, 
  • Job interview,
  • Sport competitions,
  • Speaking in public,
  • Important event … 

Managing emotions : 

Dessin de 4 personnages caractérisant différentes émotions
  • Extreme emotions
  • Hypersensitivity,
  • Ruminations,
  • Negative thinking …

Stress management :

Tête de monstre sculptée
  • Depression, distress, anxiety attack,
  • Fears, phobias,
  • Sleep disorder …

Burn-out :

Corde qui se rompt
  • Professional exhaustion,
  • Difficulties at work,
  • Concentration disorder, 
  • Attention deficit …

Poor self-image or poor image of one’s own physical body : 

Jeune fille malheureuse cachant son visage avec ses mains
  • Lack of confidence or poor self-esteem, 
  • Difficulty asserting oneself,
  • Eating disorder …

Illness or pain affecting the quality of life  :

Personne illustrant le mal au dos
  • Chronic pain, 
  • Post operative pain, 
  • Tinnitus, hyperacusis, 
  • Low back pain, fibromyalgia ,
  • Addictions …

Pregnancy / Parenthood : 

Femme enceinte
  • Preparation for childbirth, 
  • Preparation for parenthood (sessions for couples can be arranged)